CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in June 2001 as an IT company providing Internet Solution and IT Products in Thailand. CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. was the first company to become a partner with DTAC in supplying Air Cards with the Wireless Internet Solution on Mobile Phone Network. CHOSEN also have several more Internet solutions on Websites like which is Thailand 1st Rank in Hardware Websites from of ICT and VOIP Solution like Net Talk. In November 2004, the company launched which offers the first real 3D pictures in Thai marketplace.

CHOSEN joins DTAC (top Thailand mobile operator) to be the main Partner in Mobile Internet Device (Air Card).

CHOSEN joins with HP Thailand and Acer Thailand with Bundle Air card program.

Axen AirCard of CHOSEN becomes Thailand best selling AirCard from most DTAC GPRS numbers registration.

Axen AirCard is supporting Several Leading Banks in Thailand like KBank, Standard Charter, etc.

CHOSEN joins with Mpay AIS to be main representative and gateway of Mpay mobile payment on the Internet.

CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. is the Exclusive Distributor of Dino-Lite Digital Microscope in Thailand. Dino-Lite is the award-winning digital microscope from Taiwan.

CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd supports DinoLite for SCG - Siam Commercial Group (The Biggest Factory in Thailand), Seagate, Western Digital and many Big Factories in Thailand.

CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. is the exclusive Distributor for Zaturn Microscope - Hi-end Optical Microscope from HongKong which has the 3D 360 degree Microscope to support the market.

CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. is the exclusive Distributor for MEDIMAGE the leader of analysis software from India.

CHOSEN joins AIS (top Thailand mobile operator) with provide Unlimited Mobile Internet Promotion via Air Card.

CHOSEN is the Exclusive Distributor for Quikpod the famous self image camera stand from USA.

CHOSEN is the exclusive Distributor for Laptop Desk from China to sell in Leading Departmentstores.

CHOSEN is a good supplier for Central Department Stores (The biggest and most branches department store in Thailand) in supplying IT Gadgets to Central Department Stores.

CHOSEN Marketing Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd. CHOSEN Marketing was recently set up in July 2006 specifically to help clients to improve their Internet based sales performance by using innovative marketing tools.

We provide clients with "Virtual Walkthrough" which offers a superior experience compare to other versions currently being offered by other groups. Our "Virtual Walkthrough" uses the latest technology developed together with our Korean partners specializing in this exciting new product area.

CHOSEN Marketing Co.,Ltd. supports Virtual Tour of many Giant Real Estate Companies in Thailand like Sansiri, Land and House, AP property, Rimon Land, etc.

We have a team of experts in the IT business who constantly seeking ways to improve our products/services to stay ahead of all other competitors.

We also give advice to clients on strategies to increase traffic to their website in order to maximize the benefit from using our "Virtual Walkthrough" and generate bigger sales.

Management of CHOSEN Technology Co.,Ltd.

Managing Director - Master Degree from Computer Science Internet & E-Commerce Background and experience in IT and Internet field for many years since the 1st time of Internet in Thailand. He provides Axen Air Card wireless Internet Solution on Mobile phone network for DTAC. and create a "Virtual Walkthrough" Solution and set up for this solution.

Management of CHOSEN Marketing Co.,Ltd.

Chief Executive Advisor (President of Thai Air Ways: 2002-2006)

Managing Director. with and International background and experience in diversified field, Tonwong was educated in Australia and worked in Japan. His prior experience was in Finance (Goldman Sachs Japan), Business and Tax advisor (Andersen/KPMG Tokyo) and Value Based Management Consulting (Stern Stewart Thailand).

Project Management Manager. David Bicknell has worked at the intersection of media and information technology industries for more than 2 decades. David's current focus is on Multimedia infrastructure, streaming media, podcasts and web-based delivery of richly formatted media.